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Shut down Autopilot

Published on October 10, 2012 By Rae-Ann Ruszkowski

Stop running via autopilot. Be present / aware / engaged. Be in the moment. By doing so, time goes slower …. running in Autopilot speeds things up. You have but 80 days left in the year to make change, to build a better career. What will you do to move you closer to success and […]

Rethink Your Commodity Mindset

Published on August 15, 2012 By Rae-Ann Ruszkowski

Sadly most people fall into the area of selling themselves as a commodity, and consider it a fact of live. I’m hear to tell you that if you play a different game, you will have different results. You will increase your worth and what you are paid. First, let me define a term I use […]

Be Unemployed! Change Your Mind|Change the World!

Published on May 24, 2011 By Rae-Ann Ruszkowski

A well meaning friend sends me this snippet for inspiration (no link, no source, no other comment)… RA, Excerpt: Don’t Be Unemployed Employers openly discriminate against the unemployed in job postings on sites like craigslist and Monster every day. A May 16 craigslist posting for a restaurant manager in Salisbury, Md., for instance, specifies that […]