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Turn Accomplishments into Money Stories

Published on January 8, 2013 By Rae-Ann Ruszkowski

Your accomplishments, successes, triumphs, feats, coups, and even failures can be, and most often should be, collected in your Money Story repertoire. As speakers, and business owners successful on Social Media, we know the value and power of a story to foster a connection, grow credibility, and make a point. Stories help craft and represent […]

The Real Power of Behance And LinkedIn

Published on November 5, 2012 By Rae-Ann Ruszkowski

The Power of Behance is not only in the tool – it’s in the freedom it creates and the control it provides. Behance and Linkedin is a partnership which broadens the borders. While caught up in my presentation delivery on the power of LinkedIn & other social media channels in driving the power of You3  […]