Rae-Ann RuszkowskiDoes your College, Group, or Association need a well-versed Speaker to improve the success of your audiences? Providing professional speaking to groups of all ages and calibers, I deliver empowering messages your audiences can immediately implement.

“creative | independent | eclectic | quick-witted | entrepreneurial advocate of the underdog. believer in potential & collaborating to get there.  have a goal? i’ll help you get there.  need a goal? we’ll craft one. all great athletes and those that strive for the best have a coach. for life. for your career. for YOU!”

Because of an extensive background in e-commerce, website development, social media, marketing (global) & branding, project management, analytics (web site, behavior, big data & pattern), 6sigma,  start-up, coworking & crowdfunding, non profits / volunteering and the fashion industry, I bring a well rounded and diversified background for presenting to any group.  My broad experience level allows me to relate to specific audiences and craft content directly related to them, in their language.

My Fortune 500 and International company background enables me to assist all professionals in developing their personal brands, to take control of their careers.

With a style mix of 1 part teacher, 1 part sassy, 1 part humor, and 1 part professional, I also bring an unique combination of communication skills to engage and address any audience demographic.

My topics range from educational to inspirational, for young and older audiences,  professionals, solo-preneurs and small businesses to those of all walks of life.


  • Job Search Not Going So Well for Ya? Amp Up Social Currency.
  • Hit an Imaginary Ceiling? How to Build a Sun Roof!
  • Can’t find the Emerald City? Create Your Own Tornado.
  • Speak Your Way to Success: Why Speaking Builds Credibility.
  • You’re O.L.D.: Overcome OnLineDeficiency and rebuild your career.
  • Why White-collar Country needs a kick in the pants.
  • Under-estimatinging the Real Corporate Asset: Employees.  The new face of the 21st Century Worker.
  • Pinwheel Philosophy: It’s not Just Branding, It’s Being You-nique.
  • Conforming is Out.
  • 1 Woman – 1 Month – 1 Cause: The Power of 1 Person to make an impact.
  • LinkedIn: Build it before you need it.
  • WordPress Web Site Creation – What you need to know that they don’t tell you.
  • Social Media for those Who could care less.
  • M’Inc. Yourself: How to be the CEO of your life & your career.
  • Drive Your Career so ‘They’ Can’t.
  • The Real Power of Your Image:  On-Line and Off-line.
  • Networking in the Social Media Age: Take Advantage of the tools to increase success.
  • The Introverted Girl’s Guide to Networking: Success isn’t limited to the popular.
  • When Firing Your Boss is not an Option; Keeping Yourself Ahead of the Curve Ball.
  • The Power of Speaking: How to be Seen AND Heard.

For a full list of my collective topics, as well as working with me to create a topic specifically for your group, access this Collective Speech Topics.

Speaking Venues

Looking for an engaging speaker who interacts with your audiences to help them become their best? From high school, to college to career and business professionals, I can speak to a variety of audiences from intimate breakout sessions to larger audiences.

Some audiences included:

  • Sino-American Pharmaceutical Association – Greater Philadelphia (SAPA-GP):  Career Development
  • American Career College: Image and Presentation Workshop
  • Tim Tyrell-Smith’s Fix, Build, and Drive Launch event: Power of Reinvention, Working Wardrobes
  • Saddleback Church Women In Transition: Linkedin and Personal Development
  • Saddleback Church Martin Luther King Teen Event (Speaker and MC)
  • Orange County Conservation Corps: Career Success Coaching
  • Kings Lutheran Church
  • Toastmasters Lace Training & Speakers Bureau Educational
  • Shaw House: Career Success Coach
  • Crittendon Services: Career Success Coach
  • Brandman University: Career Success Coach
  • Chapman University: Social Networking
  • Toastmaster’s District 38 Fall 2012 Conference: Social Media for Speakers
  • Extraordinary ED: When Firing Your Boss Isn’t an Option, Social Networking, Social Media Time Saving Tips, Career Bootcamp, Chocolate and World Peace
  • Latin American Economic Development Association (LAEDA): Social Media for Startups

To book me, or to customize a topic for your organization, please contact me.


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