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Everyone likes to have tried and tested tips!  As I create these tip sheets for my classes, I will add new ones here.  I have also listed posts I have written on OCSpeakersBureau.com and on my Emerging Speakers Bureau. Check back often.  If you’d like a tip sheet for something in particular, please let me know below – I most likely have it, or the information to go into one.

For my January ’14  LAEDA ‘Social Media for Startups’ Workshop attendees: 

I would like to thank LAEDA for allowing me to present to all of you, and for all of you that attended!  I’ve left the slidedeck up for a week, and hopefully you were able to access before I removed the link. If you have any questions or would like something from the presentation, please contact me.  Feel free to sign up for my newsletter with quick little tips and updates here.  Also, if you have any questions or need help with your Social Media setup or would like your platforms and work reviewed, please book some of my time here.

For Businesses:

1. Social Media Business Tips – Quick tip page for using Social Media in Business.

2. Marketing Strategy ‘Snowglobe’:  How social media, and your website works together within your Marketing Strategy.

3. A list of cool websites to help find influencers, do some research, etc.:  Cool Social Media Tools.

For Individuals:

1. Full resource list for job hunters, career changers.

2. Creating Buzz for yourself. This is a post I did on OCSpeakersBureau.com

3. 7 Silver Bullets to Build Your LinkedIn Pipeline – Another post to help Professional Speakers.

4. Awesome Resources for Speakers – If you are looking to build or grow your speaking experience or business, these are valuable resource for qualified leads.

5. Thought provoking questions – sometimes you need some help in connecting with yourself and understanding what makes you different, or what your unique value proposition is.  This is the list, and you can find the related post here.

6. Rethink Your Pitch and 7 Ways to Optimize Your Linkedin Profile – that little summary statement underneath your name isn’t just for your Work title (Accountant, Supervisor, Chemical Engineer).  It’s the your ‘hook’ to entice people to read more about you, to have a clue into what you do and provide. Rethink that pitch for more success.  And optimize your profile too.

7. 27 Inexpensive Ways to Build Your Brand, Control Your Career, and Drive your Income. We can’t fire our boss, and all the executives in our company don’t know enough about us to make important career decisions for us. Take matters into your own hands and drive your career, your brand, or your growing solo-business.

8. Creating Your Personal Brand Worksheet: Sure, you need a summary line for your Linkedin, a bio for Twitter, a 10 second Commercial for the next Networking event? Sometimes it’s tough to know where or how to get started.  Here’s some questions and exercises to get you thinking and help you create the perfect summary line, bio, or commmercial that’s consistent and really speaks volumes about who you are.

8. 100 Ways Brainstorming Tool: Let’s face it, coming up with ideas can be difficult.  And when you rattle off the top ideas out of your head, they’re not all together innovative or original.  It’s the crazy ideas that come after which make for some inspirational work.  Push yourself.  Give this exercise a try.

I will soon be releasing a series of short, weekly, video instructional social media tips to help you maintain your profiles and grow your presence.  Please sign up to my list on the upper right to receive valuable insight to take your speaking and freelancing careers to the next level!

Check back often for LinkedIn Tips, Website and WordPress Tips, and Career Saving Tips.  You might even find an ebook or two!

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