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If you have ever wandered “how did she do that?” or “where did she get that from”, I am including my resources here.  Several listed have been responsible for inspiring me through the years. I designed this site, and am still designing it – following the “better to get it out than perfect” mantra.  As this continues to grow, I will add new tools. I will constantly add to and modify this page

Below are a list of services that I personally use, have used, and recommend, so check them out and feel free to shoot me a message if you’re looking for something you see I’m currently using that isn’t listed below, or have questions about what I use below!!

FYI: Many of the links listed below are my affiliate links.  Since I will be creating free tutorials for you on how to use most of these products, wouldn’t you rather have the vendor pay me than you?  Please know that this links DO NOT change your price at all. If you like what I offer on my site, you will see I tell it like it is, and will only recommend products I use and support.  Please note I am endorsing only products that I personally use or know are used by leaders in the industry and have a proven track record for being reliable and generates results!


 Blogs and WebsitesBlogs & Websites

 Domain Names:

GoDaddy  – I use GoDaddy for all of many domain names because they seem to be the simplest site to use when it comes down to obtaining and forwarding your domain names,  linking it to an email address, adding sub-domains and hosting.  They have  Great support.




BlueHost is an excellent hosting platform, specifically for it’s ease, EXCELLENT support, and consistent uptime. I use for some of my clients and all of my major sites.  Very inexpensive for all the service and support you receive.  Has one click WordPress install. For a quick tutorial on setting up a website, read: How to set up a WordPress Blog in 10 Minutes.

HostGator is also another excellent hosting platform that I use for some of my clients and myself.  Great service provided here also.


Wordpress Site PlatformBlog Publishing Platforms:

WordPress – I prefer WordPress because of the potential, and all the great themes.  It’s easy enough to publish in a few hours. Make sure it’s from .org, and not .com.  We do want a professional presence you know.  The WordPress platform is free, most plugins are free, but hosting and the domain name are not.  There are obviously free sites out there that you can use, but you DO NOT want to use a FREE site because they limit your options and monetization possibilities. Instead, download WordPress platform from within your hosting cpanel. Training Videos Here to be released shortly for you. This may seem a bit more complicated but it’s worth it in the long run because you can avoid the endless hassles of Free sites and their limitations. To see how I use WordPress to set up this blog, go here to watch the FREE blog training video.

(Special note!: get thee to a local Wordcamp or Worpress meetup.  Fantastic people;  you will learn incredible things, build powerful relationships, and dang! Is it ever awesome hanging around smart people!  My personal favorites are: WPOC, SoCal WP, and Wordcamp OC in CA, and the Philly WP and Wordcamp in PA.)


PluginsBlog Plugins I highly Recommend (Free & Premium Plug-ins):

Link Within      – Because old blogs tend to get buried into no mans land once they are      archived, link within is a great tool to bring life and new readers to      your blog through old blog posts. This is a FREE plug-in that you can find      on my blog as well, and what I really love about it is that it displays      pictures as well, grabbing the attention of your readers, and encouraging      them to read “similar posts”.

Popup Domination      – If you want to increase subscribers to your blog, then this plug-in is the tool to do it. It simply allows a custom lightbox to be displayed on your blog, encouraging readers to opt in to the offer that you currently have without being obnoxious about it. Every reader needs a bit of a reminder of why you brought them here. At the end of the day, our goal is “list building” so that we can continue to build a relationship with them, so Popup Domination helps ya do it!


Email ToolsEmail/AutoResponder:

There are lots of email and autoresponders out there.  All good, and all service a purpose. Each have their own pros and cons too – I am working on a comparison post which will be available shortly.

Mailchimp – This is a great free tool to get started with, and setup for most of my new smaller clients.  Lots of newsletter customizing options, great stats & reporting, can import and maintain all your lists, and can update your lists through your WordPress blog.   Free option is up to 2000 list members and up to 12,000 emails. Worth considering if you are just starting out bootstrapping.  Great for adding offline connections, and manually adding people to targeted lists.

Aweber   – Man is Aweber powerful for list building and lead generation tools, and allows you to make full use of auto-responders. but it is used by many big names in the blogging space. However, Aweber is limited when it comes to importing contacts from a previous list because it wants to ensure everyone on your list is an opt-in (cuts down on spam, and ensures a high delivery rate through Aweber).  If you want all the info in one place – download this guide.  So I also use Icontact in conjunction with Aweber.

Icontact    – Icontact is good for manually importing contacts into a list for email /newsletter promotion purposes. Icontact also has a very user-friendly Newsletter set up option that you can use, along with very similar capabilities as Aweber and GetResponse. Use Icontact to manually add people you connect with offline but want to remain in contact with using updates. Can also create a separate group of people like “Video Marketing Webinar Attendees”, “MLSP Team” or “LTD Speaking Event” to connect with  people based on a specific connection. This doesn’t discredit Aweber or  Getresponses use, but Icontact comes in handy for “offline connections”.

Get Response   – Another good option if  you want      something simple and user-friendly.

Specialty Hosting:

Amazon S3 –      Great option for all your multi media and large file needs, especially  if you have a lot of video content.  A bit complicated to learn and use, but it is definitely worth it.  I am a big fan of You Tube, but there are always issues when they change their policies etc. Sometimes I can’t be bothered to keep up.  Besides – you want ownership of your content and the ability to get to it when you want. More on this service is coming.


Theme SelectionBlog Themes:

ThemeForestGreat theme options, support, and  ease of use (most times). Several of my clients are running themes from here.

WooThemes  –  Another great option.  I also have several clients on these themes.

Studio Press – First used Studiopress because of and recommend it or all my clients as well.  Some big names use these theme options. I’ve used Studio Press for myself and other clients. They have creative and flashy sites that you can use to develop a fun and funky theme with clean lines and a professional image.


Affiliate SelectionAffiliate / Product Distribution:

If you’re thinking about launching your own products and are looking for a simple and easy way to get them out there without the headache of developing your own system, then you check out the sites below.

E-Junkie   is a simple start-up Reseller website that will handle all of the affiliate set up for you. With Ejunkie, you can sell both digital and tangible goods starting at the very low price of $5 per month, and      increases in price based on the number of products that you sell. The benefit to using E-Junkie is that they charge a flat monthly subscription fee without any transaction fees or other hidden fees. It’s a great choice for simple start-up Merchants like myself.

Clickbank   – This has been the “common” reseller site of choice for most Internet Marketers and works primarily only with Digital Downloadable products.   Clickbank is the king when it comes to online E-commerce for Internet Marketers, and whether your seeking to become a Merchant selling your own products, or an affiliate selling the products of others, I’d highly recommend that you get your account started today to benefit from the ease of use with Clickbank.


Shopping Cart SelectionShopping Carts:

1 Shopping Cart   – I haven’t used 1 Shopping Cart (yet!) because I didn’t need much when starting my personal product sales, but I know that if you want a system that can manage your affiliate products, auto-responder messages and shopping cart sales then 1 Shopping Cart is the go to place for that.

Practice Pay Solutions – Used by Darren LaCroix and others.  I am currently working on this one. Very extensive! Lots of training videos and programs.


Vendor / Speaker / Marketing Supplies:

  • Hungry Dog Printing – Banners, table clothes, postcards, bookmarks and other branding / marketing materials.  Great deals.


Keyword toolsKeyword Research / SEO:

Market Samurai – This would be step one for those of us that are SEO-illiterate. Market Samurai gives you the simple and basic overview of what keywords are and how to utilize them to generate traffic. Lead Generation is the key to creating Passive Income. If you really want to maximize your R.O.I. for online marketing, YOU NEED THIS TOOL! Trust me, I realized how much money I’ve been leaving on the table without understanding this one important concept.

    • Google Adwords Tool – Once you’ve gone through Market Samurai, you will want to learn how to use this tool to find keywords and get clarity on keyword research.
    • Wordtracker Free Keyword Tool  – This is a pretty cool tool that shows you popular and related keywords that you can use for your niche based blog, article or video. They have a premium option as well that could be very useful “once you understand the      basics”, but the free version gets you going enough to find quality keywords for your needs.


Writing Tools and ResourcesArticle Writing & Marketing:

Freelance Writers DenCarol Tice – Excellent community and excellent writing, freelancing, and marketing info for the aspiring writer. Helps with speech writing also.  I belong to the community, and have gotten my money’s worth out of the group already.

WRITEtoDONE – Also an excellent writing assistance tool and great community.  Currently offering a Free Better Writing Guide.

SmartPassiveIncome Blog – Excellent blog, video, podcasting tips and tutorials, and how to make money from your information.  Has a great where to start series.  Great guy.

48 Days – Tremendous community, and lots of great, useful, inspirational, applicable products for getting back to work, finding your purpose, coaching, writing, etc.  It’s a community I hope to build here, where everyone supports.

GotoWebinar –  excellent tool for speakers and trainers!  Allows you to record, survey, poll, and present online webinars.  Gain insights about your attendees, and build topics for future presentations and speeches.


Measurement and Analytics Tools

Site Metrics / Tracking:

Google Analytics – this is a free tracking tool that helps you to monitor the amount of visitors on your site, the time they were on your site and the source of your traffic. Everyone MUST HAVE this tool as it is free but also helps you to gauge what’s working vs. what isn’t!

Google Optimizer – I just recently discovered this tool from other bloggers, but this is another FREE tool from google that allows you to test words and images that will potentially convert better than others.

Google Alerts – Keep up on  your topics, keywords, brand


Outsourcing ToolsOutsourcing Resources:

Odesk    I’ve been using Odesk for all of my outsourcing as of late because I find very valuable international support for a great rate,  sometimes as low as $1 an hour for Social Media Support (yes you read it right!). Sometimes you get what you pay for, but if you are diligent and do your homework, some great work here.

Elance –    I use both Elance, Odesk, Guru, and Coworks for outsourcing because you tend to find different types of talent on either site. I highly recommend both of them as you can scout for different contractors for different needs. It simply expands the possibilities of you finding great talent!   – can get some great and interesting things for $5.  Can even use to sell some of your services, get some leads.  Get get some basic logo designs here.  It’s also a great lead generator for your own work.

99Designs   –   I love 99 Designs because you get multiple bidders actually submitting the graphics to earn your bid. This allows creativity to shine as well as comfort in making a decision to hire someone that can do what you want done without the hassles. I highly recommend using 99 Designs for your graphics work.


RSS Feed Distribution

FeedBurner –  In order to start building a list of loyal readers, you need to have a RSS  (Real Simple Syndication) Feed set up. This allows your readers to opt in to receive your blog entries daily by way of Google Reader or some other form of RSS Feed Resource. This doesn’t however, have anything to do with your email list using systems like Aweber or Icontact.


Research ToolsAdditional Resources

Some of the free tools and sites for performing market research,

Google Insights
Google Trends
Google Adwords Keyword Tool




The Business Journal Book of Lists

All the 3 Google tools are a must for the success of any online business owner and will give you a wealth of insightful information about your market. The Google Adwords Keyword Tool will tell you how competitive a keyword is and whether it is easy to rank for that keyword on the search engines or not. So you must definitely make the maximum out of these amazing tools by Google.

You can also visit online shopping websites like, and and check whether similar products exist. If they do, you can be dead sure that there is a demand for such products and can definitely make some profit promoting them.

By the way, has a great feature called customer reviews, which will help you study the customer’s perception about similar products.

Don’t forget to check out my Social Media, Website, and Linkedin Reviews or Coaching Calls to set up a strategy or get your online personna coordinated and sending the right message.

This is my complete Resources for Websites list so far, but will be adding to it as time goes on.  If you have comments, or suggestions, please comment below!

To your success!

I’m Rae-Ann & Yes You Can!




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