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Sign up for Coaching CallsYour Career Success, Business Opportunities, and Financial Flow depend on the steps you take today!

I offer several levels of coaching, consulting and workshops to help Solo-prenuers, Freelancers, Professionals, Careerists, and Speakers focus on what they do best: their craft!  While you focus your efforts ‘in’ your business with your core strengths, I help you by focusing ‘on’ your business to help you grow.

Coaching calls come in 3 categories: Speaker Coaching, Business Development and Marketing Strategy, and Job and Career.  There are options for Social Media, and Linkedin. These are one time only calls.  If you want more, please select several appointments.

There are also subscription based and offered in continual weekly and monthly allotments. These are specifically for career and social media calls. If you are interested in monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly call subscriptions for Business Development / Coaching, please contact me and we can make arrangements for a discounted rate, and best scheduling (do not use the appointment system below for ongoing monthly or more Business Development / Marketing Coaching calls.

Social Media and Online Support Coaching Call Options

With all that’s changing in Social Media, it’s hard to keep up and know what to do, or how to modify / update your profiles, maintain what you have, or know when to give it a kick in the pants.

I offer the following coaching call options weekly and monthly, specifically for helping with online efforts: coordinating social media efforts, website setup and content maintenance, LinkedIn Profile Setup and maintenance, Customer Persona development and associated content support, and development / discussion of online strategy for career and business development.  Having this as an option is beneficial to coordinate your efforts, just get started, and make the most of what you have.

For 30 minutes once a week or up to 2 one hour sessions a month, we can go over your LinkedIn, Professional Social Media outlets, or other online efforts.    Weekly Coaching Calls are $25 for one 30 minute session per week with follow up email notes, and Monthly Coaching Calls are $45 for 1 hour once a month or $80 for two times a month with follow up email notes.

All calls offer a recording of the call session so you can focus and not have to worry about taking notes.

The cost of the call can be applied to an upgraded service if elected, during a call.

Occasional discounts are offered here, with a promotion code, or offered with attendance to a class or seminar.

For one time appointment scheduling, review and schedule below.  Subscription based options below the one time selections.


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