Rae-Ann's Projects and ServicesI am constantly engaged in any number of projects, services, marketing, and coordinated efforts for others and for myself.  This keeps me current and relevant, and able to offer the latest, and best solutions to the people I support.  I left corporate america to create a new standard of work and living for myself and haven’t looked back. Below are several of my current main special projects and services:

Freelancing:  My extensive experience and background allow me to offer my consulting and coaching services, specializing in Business Development, Integrated Marketing,  Social Media, Social Media and Website Analytics, Customer Behavior, and Branding – see the Services page for a detailed list. Contact Me if you would like to enlist my services.

Speaking:        I empower people and business with the latest tips, tools, and techniques.   Check out the Speaking page for more information and details.  Contact Me if you would like to enlist my services.

Coworking:     My main love, and I am actively engaged in establishing a coworking space because I believe the world of work is changing, and I have an immense plan underway. Look for the latest updates on the Coworking page, and make sure to sign up for the newsletter to receive the latest.

Social Media:  Constantly testing the latest tools for my clients to provide them the silver bullets for their business and their professional lives. Also able to integrate your tools for you, for a seamless, coordinated effort. Need content development?  I do that also. I also offer online and phone coaching and consulting for your social media monitoring and strategy development.  Read more here.

If you are actively involved in your Social Media, and consider yourself a thought leader, then think about joining my South Jersey Social Media Mastermind!  We discuss and collaborate on all the latest to drive Social Media usage in the area.

Career and Executive Coaching: Formerly a Success Coach with Working Wardrobes, empowering Men and Women in transition get back to work, and a certified Career Coach at Brandman University empowering professional men and women on Advanced Career Strategies using the power of Speaking, Social Media, and Branding (simply differentiating), I now coach and consult with individuals looking to find jobs or create strategies for advancement. Creating an exit strategy that works, and a life worth living on the side, isn’t that more important than committing to a corporate environment? I also offer edutaining keynotes and workshops, as well as speak to colleges.

Content Development:  For other websites as well as my own work, I produce articles and do article reviews.  I love to write, love to speak, and love to interview.  Good content is everywhere, and everyone has an opinion.  I have a unique skill in being able to author posts in the original author’s/blogger’s own voice. I currently support other blogs with ghost content, and am in the process of writing a few books for my coaching clients in the areas of branding, networking, and the power of commitment.

WordPress Website Implementation:  Need a wordpress website up and running post haste?  Contact Me if you would like to enlist my services. I build foundational wordpress websites to get you off the ground & blogging today. Perfect for professionals, solo-preneurs, and start-ups.  I can handle the domain purchase and hosting for you also.  See my Services page for additional information.

SJ Speakers Bureau As a dedicated member of the OC Speakers Bureau (Founder’s District) and knowing first hand the value of a group that is more of a mastermind in helping its members excel in efforts to become paid professional and public speakers, AND, knowing the real value of a powerful speaking for businesses and lead generation, I have launched the SJ Speakers Bureau. We meet the 2nd Wed. of each month in the Cherry Hill area. See my meetup for all the latest detailsContact me for more info or to join.

 FLF, or Free Lunch Friday, #SJFLF: the South Jersey regional location of a global community dedicated to the care and feeding of the entrepreneurial spirit through powerful networking, presentations and free food and beer, on the last Friday of each month.  Contact me for more info or to join.

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