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Across my path of life, I’ve come across some extraordinary people with skills I can only dream of envying (in a good way), so I have to share them with you, in case you need use of some of these special talents.  I promote these people because I know them personally, and have used or seen their special talents.  Within any corporate environment, many of us are boxed into what others define as “our skillsets”, but I am continually amazed at the plethora (!) of overlooked skills that people possess, and can be uncovered and utilized simply by asking a question.

I am not paid or compensated in any way for the referrals on this page.  These are good people, with incredible talent. 


Speaking . Coaching. Learning.

Victor Broski: Speaking, Presentation, and Networking Coach. Whether you need a Speaker for your event, group, or worksplace or a Coach for yourself, Victor is an excellent choice.  With a personable, humorous style, Victor can engage and teach your group or empower you with skills to be a better speaker and better at what you do. Currently he heads the OCSpeakersBureau (Toastmasters District One, Founder’s District Speakers Bureau).  An expert in automotive repair, Porsches, Customer Service and Sales,  Professional / Public Speaking, Networking, Adding Humor, Living with Vitality and Staying Young, Victor is a wealth of Knowledge and Support.


Creative Arts. Design.

Andrea Gereffi – A person you want running the Creative Side of your web services or agency, Andrea is creative, organized, insightful, talented, and personable. She offers an incredible portfolio of skills within a work environment, and within her own creative portfolio of jewelry and artwork.  As a partner in DRK Studios, she and her husband offer their print and photograpic artwork here at Etsy.  Andrea has expanded on all of her skills into a line of jewelry that is unique and attractive.  Her photographic artwork is fantastic, and I love owning mini pieces of them. 

Colen Gereffi

Scott Kilpatrick

Don Linville


IT Solutions. Programming. Development. Web Services. Project Management.

Roger Castleman

Paresh Nawale

Anurag Doshi

Tom Sammartino



Volunteer. NonProfit. Causes.

Jerri Rosen

Megan Harless

Working Wardrobes



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