Working Wardrobes

Working Wardrobes Logo Working Wardrobes is one of my all time FAVORITE organizations! And not because they voted me Volunteer of the Year 2010.  I received that award because I am so committed to them.  I wish I could do more!

They transform lives! I’ve been witness to it, been apart of it!  Transforming not only the clients they help….but of the people that intern there, volunteer there, work there.

It’s a real result of true leadership done right.  I wish Jerri Rosen, their CEO, could be consultant to the current leaders of corporations.   She has created an environment where all people are valued. No matter what their station. She understands what needs to be done, that money is not the way to motivate people.

I completely respect and appreciate others that work there – I cannot name them all here, but here are some of the major people:  Megan Harless, Mary Ann Profeta, Marlo Kirkham, Rosie Rivera, Josh Milius, Danny Atchley, LynnMarie Cooper, and if I missed any, I am soooo sorry because I value every one you!  All are amazing!!!

I wish I could donate much needed money to support Working Wardrobes, but I cannot.  So I volunteer.  In any way I can.  Unfortunately, I’ve even had to cut back my volunteering time so I can get my businesses started.

What WW opportunities do I like volunteering for when I have the time?

>> My #1 choice:  Success Coaching!  Helping empower men and women in transition to create a better life for themselves and their families.  I do this twice a year for 6 weeks leading up to the Days of Self Esteem.

>> Days of Self Esteem: Personal Shopping for the people I’ve mentored, Setup the day before, and take down.  Please help out by volunteering and donating!!  We need clothing and cash DONATIONS!!

>> Presenting and Speaking (my #2 favorite!) about Working Wardrobes, the real value of volunteering, how to setup Volunteering Programs, and Image Workshops.

>> Coordinating and running Clothing Drives and volunteer teams.

>> Corporate Advocacy Council member – supporting WW through corporate sponsored activities & volunteering. (Thanks Jerri for offering your Leadership Institute sessions!!  More companies need to look into supporting WW because of the win-win she creates.  In difficult times, many companies do not have enough education & training options available for budgetary reasons.  Working Wardrobes can help by offering your employees many opportunities for leadership.)

>> Being a member of Designing Women’s Guild, helping to support Working Wardrobes through Social fund raising events.

>> Working at the Tustin Hanger!!  Check them out for great deals on designer clothing and accessories. (especially the last Thursday of the month for 50% off)

Go through your closets, and donate your professional clothing and higher end goods!  Support a truly amazing organization!  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

At the very least – please make sure to volunteer your time and goods somewhere.  We all need to help each other out.  You never know when you may need help from someone.  I hope that you never have to be in that position.

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