The Choco-Files

wine and dine



I am a Connoisseur of Chocolate, Candy, Cakes, ahhhh heck, all things Sweet. But Chocolate is at the top of my list because I can create RAexperiments with it.  And what else is so forgiving in nature that if you totally screw it up, you can still eat it? 🙂  (except when you ‘freeze’ the chocolate by overcooking it when melting, or accidentally dropping water into melting chocolate.)

Creating, cooking, speaking, making a mess… Chocolate serves me.  I prefer mine spicy – like the original Mexican chocolate purveyors did.



Within my Choco-Files, you can find recipes, advice, coverage, PR, recommendations, experiments, as well as HIRE ME to:

  1. speak on chocolate,
  2. do (local) wine and chocolate tastings,
  3. share my Vegetable and World Peace presentation, or
  4. something related


as something a little different and fun for your Meetings, Events, Conferences, Workshops, Volunteer Events, etc.

Chocolate is all about making memories and having fun!


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