A Vegetable, A Fruit, and World Peace

A vegetable, a fruit, world peace, and the secret weapon.

Believe it or not, in my world, a “vegetable” and a “fruit” can lead to 15 minutes of pure bliss, better health, and world peace. And taken a step further, can become a secret weapon.  Now I’m no drama queen, but who wouldn’t want to know how to have 15 minutes of pure bliss?

A favorite bucket list item of mine, speaking at a TEDx or even just a (plain, old) TED event, to demonstrate that I am an innovative thinker, got me really pondering recently.  How could I take what I know, mix it with some originality, and come up with an innovative thought that could change the world? Well – I love chocolate, I am a mixologist, and an avid student of human behavior……

So – the vegetable:

 cacao pod and beanssugar cane  +  vanilla

= vegetable.

Yes, with my scientific, analytical deducing and proven scientific methods, I’ve concluded that chocolate (the child of theobroma cacao (a bean)) and sugarcane (a plant from the grass family that produces corn, wheat, and rice) and vanilla (a fruit of plant that has seeds, aka beans) means CHOCOLATE IS A VEGETABLE!

Imagine that – a vegetable!  AND, from random research (dating back to 1650), it has numerous – NUMEROUS – health benefits, so that makes it a superfood.  (considering I am merely a self-proclaimed nobel prize winning research / expert behavioral scientist advancing the importance of chocolate, you will want to check with your doctor first before following any advice.  AKA I’m not a doctor but I play one on my blog.).

So, praytell, what kind of health benefits can be had from eating HEALTHY doses of (the right) chocolate? (Now ladies, remember, a healthy dose of chocolate equals 1 oz of dark chocolate. Refer to “How to effectively eat chocolate for maximum benefits”)

◦      Improved mood;

◦      Improved memory;

◦      Improved appearance;

◦      Enhanced mental clarity & alertness;

◦      Energy boosts and pain reduction

◦      Increased effectiveness;

◦      Improved collaboration ability; and

◦      Increased negotiation and compromise abilities………

The details behind those claims will be available in a soon to be released white paper and you tube video. 🙂 But chocolate, in the right amounts and types, offers more than satisfying a craving.

Here we have chocolate, a seemingly innocuous thing, capable of all those improvements? That’s what I thought!

To take it one step further, and to promote my innovative thinking to the people that select innovative speakers for their TED talks… let’s look at how we can create world peace, from chocolate, a vegetable. A vegetable that almost everyone loves. (Those that don’t love chocolate are fooling themselves, and just denying themselves some innocent pleasure. Which let’s face it – we all deserve from time to time.)

  1.  if, at the same time of day, everyone took 5 minutes to slow down, and savor, the collective, magnanimous energy would dissipate much of the negative energy.
  2. if, prior to the start of a meeting, and a negotiation, it was required that everyone start by taking, AND ENJOYING, a piece of chocolate, it would trip up all the people coming in with alternative agendas and power trip mentalities….opening the door for win win conversation.
  3. the japanese have this custom (as well as other cultures i’m sure) of bringing a gift, because everyone likes presents.  it’s starts out the conversations and the visit on a less adversarial note.
  4. if you took some chocolate to the next doctor’s visit, maybe it might go better.
  5. imagine if the next time you got pulled over, you offered the policeman a chocolate. right….bad idea. he likes to stay angry and stay in the ‘power’ position. it was worth a shot.

Now – maybe if we add a little wine….. 🙂

(Side note, a little bit of trivia for you…. an interesting tidbit about vanilla: “Vanilla was completely unknown in the Old World before Cortez. Spanish explorers arriving on the Gulf Coast of Mexico in the early sixteenth century gave vanilla its current name. Spanish and Portuguese sailors and explorers brought vanilla into Africa and Asia later that century. They called it vainilla, or “little pod”. The word vanilla entered the English language in the 1754, when the botanist Philip Miller wrote about the genus in his Gardener’s Dictionary.[15] Vainilla is from the diminutive of vaina, from the Latin vagina (sheath) to describe the way the pod must be split open to expose the seeds.[16])” (from wikipedia – gotta love it))

And, for the record, I am all about the slowing down and taking time to smell the roses part – however you choose to do that. Chocolate just happens to be my ‘drug’ of choice.

When we know we are heading into ‘stressful’ situations, we have a tendency to worry, get anxious, and create all this extra stress going into the ‘situation’ which, most times, makes things worse. We don’t think at our best, we don’t react our best, we go on emotional autopilot – the ‘dead zone’.  Even work meetings tend to be this way.

Imaging though, if you took a few minutes ahead of time, whether with chocolate, yoga, some deep breathing, whatEVER – and just calmed down a bit to center. It really will help!  But don’t you think the other person is feeling a little that way too?

So – if you bring chocolate, and make it a ritual, just imagine how much better the outcome will be.  Do your part in aiding world peace, by bringing along a VEGETABLE! 🙂



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