Red Lobster Gummies

Red Gummy Lobsters


It ain’t chocolate, but nothing like a good gummy from time to time.  Swedish fish (did you know they no longer come from Sweden? But from Cadbury, up in Canada?), bears, rabbits, sharks, worms, snails, rats, snakes, marios, cola bottles, ALL kinds of gummies can fill the need.

Sadly,  these Red Lobsters Gummies aren’t one of them. There are plenty of people who may disagree with me, and that’s ok.  But I am quite sure – not a single person has really read the label of these things.  They look good, and have an aroma that you can smell 5 feet away from the bag. (Some candies are amazing that way – how they can pack so much smell into a small plastic bag).

Now – I get that pretty much ‘everything’ in the whole sweets category is fraught with ‘strange items’ in the ingredients list – but I have to draw the line somewhere. If I’m going to ‘satisfy the old sweet tooth’, I at least like to have pure ingredients, and /or keep the chemicals to a minimum.

Problem is, in order to satisfy most of the world’s cravings for things sweet, AND keep things at a manageable cost, manufacturers have to use ‘cheaper’ ingredients. The costs of pretty much every ingredient lately have sky-rocketed, and in order to keep retail prices at an affordable range, sizes get reduced or ingredients get substituted.

I get that – I mean, business is business.  BUT – I don’t think these red lobsters have a single, normal, natural ingredient in them! While working, I took a minute to read the label. I don’t think I should have.  Ok – ok – it does have sugar. Where’s the ingredient for its smell? But I’m guessing that 3/4’s of the product is sweetener. Then 1/2 of the remaining quarter is gelatine (at least it’s from beef! ewwwwwww! not good if you’re a vegetarian.) With the remaining going to oil, wax, and color. Yay! Oh, yeah, and it’s made in Turkey.   Enjoy!

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