Cure for PMS?

Could there really be a cure for PMS? 

It has been studied in the past, that chocolate has the ability to trigger the release of dopamine and endorphin phenylethylamine which relieves the symptoms of PMS.

I don’t know about you, but I’m willing to experiment with chocolate and report on it! ūüôā And I shall.

After several tastings, I have found the closest thing to a cure – even if only for half an hour. ¬†I’ve tasted submissions from several prominent places and chocolatiers in NY, CT, NJ, PA, and CA.

But this single bar is the winner! It’s a ‘bar’ about 2 inches wide, 1 inch high, about 3 inches long, and it’s the closest thing to heaven. Ok, maybe just a distraction from what ails you – mental or physical.

The prize winner for the best cure for the feminine condition:


Here is it!! The PMS Bar¬†Courtesy of Barbera’s Chocolate on Occasion in Vineland, NJ. ¬†Here’s what it’s comprised of: ¬†Amy’s caramel mixed with crushed potato chips, and chopped pretzels, then coated in chocolate, and topped with mini pretzels!!! ¬†I even think there’s sea salt on it, but it could just be from the pretzels. Doesn’t matter.

I must say, I thought my PMS creation was close – mine had mini marshmallows, caramel and chopped pretzels, made like mini truffles. ¬†These were made while I was in CA, 2 years before I found the bar above. ¬†Perfecting it was my hobby. I even made a version with wine caramel. ¬†But I am not proud – Amy, the creator/owner of Barbera’s Chocolates, wins hands down. ¬†The above pic was taken with my friends at Cedarvale Winery (also a place to check out for their Fabulous fruit wines (more in another post)! i did a wine and chocolate tasting here. ¬†what a great group of people! but i digress)

Back to this PMS bar. Seriously – it’s like a meal. Happiness in a bar. It triggers your brain to involuntarily¬†make you smile. ¬†If you’re ever in Vineland NJ, you MUST check out the Barbera’s Chocolate on Occasion store. ¬†And bring a blank check, or lots of cash. ¬†There are several incredible options, ok, ok, more than several. ¬†And you really won’t know what to get. ¬†You will have a ‘nice’ tab, but it will be worth every penny of the tab!

Warning:  DO NOT unconsciously just chew through these works of art.  These are meant to be savored!  Allow the chocolate to coat your tongue.  Take your time.  Enjoy the flavors and textures.

Also, if you are going specifically for the PMS bars, call and check first since they are not made and carried all the time.

You will not be disappointed in any selection Amy has!





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