Honey – I’m stuck in the Coffice!

Do you coffice?












From the Merriam Webster Dictionary’s top 10 list, my favorite new word!


Definition: a café that a customer uses as a place in which to conduct business

Example:  “Acceptable ‘coffice’ etiquette states that something must be ordered during your stay.” – post on GetItBusinessServices.com, April 21, 2011

Since I live and breathe coworking, and other alternative working locations, I absolutely LOVE this word, and can’t for the life of me, figure out why I hadn’t thought of it before. 🙂

Coffee houses, Paneras, Wegmans, libraries, co-working spaces (soon I’ll have my own), at the beach & on a boat (well, I live at the shore so these need to be on the list) all make great locations for working places.

When you’re serious about working though,  co-working spaces are the best, because when it comes down to it, sometimes you need different types of places, and you need people to bounce ideas and problems off of, and to make some serious headway.  The other places can be loud, distracting, and slightly inconvenient if you need to go to the bathroom or make/take a business call.

Join the revolution and honor your working style, create tools to support your success.

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