What does a Memory say about You?

What does a Memory say about You?My earliest memory is John-John saluting his father, John F. Kennedy, as the funeral procession passed before him. Sure, that impression made its mark on millions of Americans at the time, but in my case, I was merely 28 months old.

As adults, we never truly realize the impact we will have on a child, or what will set something in the memory like an etching on glass.  But what does a memory say about you?

Three key factors cemented that ‘first memory’ moment into the recesses of my mind so deeply I remember exactly where I stood, what I had on, and the details of the scene.  The very first thing you must know about me, I was ‘that’ child who was crawling under the pews in church, to see how far I could go. I rarely sat still – incredibly curious about the world around me – the need to learn and experience was greater than the risk of getting lost or injured.

  1.    Level of emotion in the moment:
    • My distraught mother, as she sat sobbing on the plaid cloth sofa next to the mosaic table.
    • The solemnness of the people on tv.
  2.  Relate-ability / Relevancy: Little kids notice little kids. Here was a boy ‘my size’, and I could relate to him being sad.
  3.  Consistency: Everyone was feeling the same way: my mom was sad, John-John was sad, and everyone else on that tv screen was sad.

Emotion, Relevancy, and Consistency; the drivers of  memory creation. What memories are you creating in the children around you? What memory has impacted you?

For me, it turns out these factors are the same characteristics which drive my key strengths, allowing me to best serve my clients the way few others can.  I can tell my clients how they are creating connections and engaging experiences for their customers in social media, their websites, and their marketing, and how they can improve their profitability based on that information.

If you are changing jobs, want to start as freelancing, or need to evaluate your business, go back. Way back. What does your earliest memory say about you?

Include a comment below on your earliest memory and what it tells you.


Photograph by  Stan Stearns/Corbis

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