Let Her Fly: Reinvent Your Path

It's Your time NowAll too often, when we become empty nesters, we flounder, we pull back, we become displaced. Questioning our purpose and worth, we retreat into ourselves.  Many times, we wil jump into all kinds of activities, as if trying to connect to a former self. I challenge you to let the former go. Reinvent your path.

I believe, once we have given birth to, and raised a well-rounded woman, we need to take a moment and appreciate the work of art we have had a hand in creating. We need to appreciate the sacrifice, the wisdom, the strength it took to mold such a leader of our future. Appreciate all that she is and step back in wonder.

Do not become depressed, anxious, frustrated because she is now pressing onward creating a new life, a new family, a whole new world and you have nothing to live for without her. That is a tremendous disservice to her, to you, and the rest of the world that needs all that you are and all the gifts you have which created that fine young woman in the first place.

Take time to reflect, plan, and create a whole new path for yourself! The world is in a transition, about to enter what I can a Renaissance Après, a new, improved Renaissance where we re-create, innovate, and create a seismic shift. And women are at the core of that. We’ve created an incredible legacy in our Daughters, who have started down their own path, following their own North Star. It’s time to step up and show the world we are here to repair it and empower it to grow, just as we did our daughters.

I dedicate this to my own daughter, Melissa, an amazing woman and leader in her own right, who inspires me and continues to amaze me at everyturn.

I challenge you all to look deep within and tap the strength and wisdom you imparted to your daughters.  You will be amazed at what you can continue to create!

Make something Raevolutionary! Let me know what you intend to accomplish!

All the best,




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