USP 101: Thought Provoking Questions

thought provoking questionsTo create your USPĀ [Unique Selling Proposition] or YSP [You-nique or your ‘Y’ (why) Selling Proposition], requires much introspection, and one that most don’t want to take the time to do. When you are confident and in touch with your strengths and skills, you already own your USP. For the rest of us that requires some effort.

For creating resumes that stand out, Power Stories that compel, 30 second commercials that engage, websites that telegraph, you need to understand what makes you stand out. You need to capitalize on what gives you your spin, your You-niqueness, your ‘why you are better than the next’.

There are many places that offer you indepth quetionnaires and tools which will be posted on my resources page, but for now, I have a link below to help you get started so you can mark off a box on your Brand Bingo board!

Access your Thought Provoking Questions here.

Working through these questions, and getting to the core of your abilites also help you with crafting your career taglines, Twitter bios, and your LinkedIn Summary statement (which will be addressed in an upcoming post).

Good luck, and if you need some assistance….drop in a comment.


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